Product Info

Wildcat Stocks are available in 2 Configurations

* Ultra-Light: ~ 17.5 OZ
* Standard: ~ 23.0 OZ

Ultra-Light Stocks

Wildcat stocks use a Semi- Monocoque stressed skin, or uninterrupted outer shell with a foam core for sound deadening as well as creating the stressed skin. Wildcat also created integral I-beams and the use of oriented fiber in composites pillars. As such we have a limited number of offerings as every change in design , barrel channel etc , requires a new mold. But you won’t find a stiffer, stronger, and lighter full size stock.
Stocks are a wet on wet compression molded fiberglass shell using a urethane foam core for sound deadening. As well as a composite I beam running through the middle of the stock. Ultra Light stocks have the I beam through the forend and grip with reinforced recoil lug area. The action area has composite pillars so the stock won’t compress when action screws are tightened, no need to pillar bed although it never hurts.
Standard-weight stocks have the I beam extended right through to the butt, as well as a reinforced grip and solid action area of a proprietary mix of composite materials, for those ass kicking caliber’s.

I-Beam Through Grip

Rear Screw Area

Rear Screw Pillar

Recoil Lug and I-Beam Front of Screw

Cross-Section of Forend

Front Pillar and Recoil Lug

Front Screw and Recoil Lug

Front Screw Hole

Stock Blanks

Wildcat Stock blanks come raw with the flashing removed and filled blanks are sanded to 180 grit and the seams are filled.
Stocks come in a gray gelcoat Finnish, Aluminum blocks are molded in so you can drill and tap for sling swivel studs if you want them. Most stocks are formed with a pre-relieved action area so you can bed to fit. The barrel channel is molded in to factory contours. The strength and rigidity of my stocks is achieved through a combination of material selection, design, and fiber orientation. My stocks are available as blanks or filled and sanded. I do not prime them as most paint manufacturers want their primer under their paint. 


51079 - RR 232
T8B 1K6